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Raise your hand if you have ever sent a text, email, picture, or any communication that you wish you could immediately take back. If it hasn’t happened, yet at some point it will. Just look at Twitter and Facebook there are millions of bad decisions happening every second with the majority of it occurring around Friday evening to Sunday morning.

There are few creative apps that can be placed on your timeline that will replace those images with pictures of kittens and puppies. Some people have exited the online social media platform and gone mobile. Although, that has proven to be just as devastating just look at the celebrity nude leak of 2014 when hackers got into Apple’s iCloud photo directory or the Snapchat leak the followed.

Cyber security is no longer a social media concern i.e., Sony email hack. Private emails that were sent between Sony’s executive management team and Hollywood directors and producers were leaked online. The list of examples that detail a need for greater secure communication is long and it keeps growing ever day.

What’s the answer? Where are we supposed to turn?

Let me introduce you to Cyber Dust! One the most secure ways to communicate with friends, colleagues, and network with other professionals via your mobile device. Cyber Dust is similar in many ways to Snapchat with one key and extremely important difference. Contrary to popular belief Snapchat stores all your communications on their servers. Cyber Dust on the other hand is not stored on the hard drive it is actually stored in Random Access Memory (RAM). The moment a user opens a message, or Dust, the timer starts ticking. In true Mission Impossible fashion Mr. Phelps, you have 30 seconds to read your message before it self destructs and is gone forever.

Cyber Dust is in its infancy and new features are being added with every update. The Cyber Dust community is a very tight knit group at this point and hopefully that won’t change. The interesting thing about the Cyber Dust community is that it is primarily made up of small business owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, major league athletes, and Hollywood movie makers.

The idea for Cyber Dust, and primary backer, is none other than Mark Cuban when he was going in front of the SEC and found emails and text messages being used against him. Mark was later exonerated of the insider trading charges, but the reality that our private communications are truly no longer private the moment we hit send.

I have been using Cyber Dust for the last month and I have connected with some incredibly talented creative professionals who are more than willing to share advice at the drop of a hat. You can find me on Cyber Dust under the monicker +treyrock