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As a voice actor I consider myself very lucky to do what is that I do. It takes a great deal of work to bring business in the door in order to pay the bills. Part of my regimen is to browse articles on the future of media and broadcasting or emerging technologies that voice overs could have a market.

I was futzing around on the web the other night and came a across something I think is really great for the field of voice acting! The community college that I attended before receiving my bachelors degree is now offering a Voice Actor and Audio Marketing Certificate of Completion. This peaked my interest and I decided to call the school and talk with Program Director Mr. Derek Hubenak.

Derek was extremely pleasant to speak to, especially since this was an unscheduled interview, he explained this is the first program of it’s kind in the State of Texas. The program is within its first year and as of the writing of this post they are trying to staff the program.

The course takes around eight weeks to complete and at the end of the entire program you are given a certificate and professionally produced voice over demo produced by Dr. Bill Brooks, a true veteran of the business.

Sure there are plenty of colleges and schools out there that offer degrees in Radio/Television/Film or Theatrical Arts/Visual Arts, but not specifically for Voice Over. When you think of it I am surprised this hasn’t been done sooner.

I am truly excited that something like this is occurring in my profession! In my conversation with Derek his hope is take this vision and dream to the fullest extent and create a degree based around voice acting and audio editing.

If you would like to get more information about this program, contact Derek Hubenak at Tarrant County College South Campus or by email [email protected]

The author was not paid nor accepted any gifts to write this article.