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It is time for a changing of the guard! It is time to cast off the bonds of ISDN and phone patches! It’s time to be a part of the next generation of connectivity and business. It is time to embrace ipDTL!!!

ipDTL ISDN replacementISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network) has long been the holy grail of connecting radio stations, musicians, singers, and voice artists with clients  or studios that are separated across the country or globe. ISDN delivers reliable professional studio quality sound (128kbps). Although, in order for ISDN to work both parties need to have an ISDN codec/hardware otherwise it’s useless. The last wonderful thing that comes with ISDN is a hefty monthly payment that is steadily increasing. Making it a less viable option for independent creative businesses.  In some markets, telecom providers are no longer supporting ISDN much less installing new service lines.

There is another method that doesn’t require hardwiring or hardware. Source-Connect was being touted as the replacement of ISDN. It’s awesome right up until you get the price tag then it get’s a little less awesome. Also, Source-Connect has hit a plateau with trying to get its software accepted across the board. So what other options are out there?

ipDTL (Internet Protocol Down The Line) from inQuality is quickly changing the way voice artists, radio stations, or anyone who needs clean crisp audio sent from one location to another. ipDTL or IP Diddle requires no hardware, no wiring, no complicated routing through your mixing board. All you need is Google Chrome…THAT’S IT!!! You ready for the REALLY great news? The cost is only $25.00 per month for HQ (High Quality) or HD audio! It streams at a rate of 320kbps that’s two times BETTER than ISDN! And for you engineering minds there is no lag or latency that I have experienced. It’s real time streaming audio and it can be used over WIFI. If you want to connect with your clients, it is free to them and all they will need is Google Chrome. This is truly a revolutionary company with a revolutionary product!

Wanna hear it for yourself? No problem! Email me and we will schedule a time to chat in full HQ Audio!